How is the SkinB5 Clear Skin Superfood Booster different from other superfood products?

Superfood powders have been on the shelves for years, but never before have consumers been able to access a formulation specifically designed to target the nutritional requirements of blemish / breakout prone skin. This product is also a perfect whole food nutritional supplement for those wanting glowing, radiant skin, and it is so good for your health!

Clear Skin Superfood Booster  is a premium, easy-to-use powder, simply add one teaspoon a day into your food (be it water, yoghurt, popcorn or protein shake) you can keep their insides happy and glow on the outside. This product is also a perfect companion for skinB5’s revolutionary vitamins and skincare range.

SkinB5's Clear Skin Superfood Booster  delivers 63 powerful ingredients to feed and nourish the skin from within like no other products on the market can.


We’ve put the research in to ensure our essential ingredients help you achieve a clear glowing complexion.


Providing elasticity to the skin, our Superfood Booster is a rich source of Vitamin C&D, Silica and marine collagen – all ingredients your skin craves.

Hemp protein

One of nature’s best sources of plant-based protein plus the benefit of 20 amino acids, including all 9 essential amino acids.


A wonderful all-rounder, Spirulina offers a broad range of nutrients that contribute to skin wellness.

Essential skin health nutrients

Clear Skin Superfood Booster comes to you packed with Vitamins A, B, B5, C, D, E, Omega 3-6-9 Silica, zinc as well as essential fatty acids, amino acids.

Super Antioxidants

Colour fruits and veg, Green Tea and Astaxanthin work together to help clear away unwanted free radicals.

Anti-inflammatory agents

Turmeric and Horsetail as well as Colour fruits and vegs such as tomato reduce inflammation making way for better health, mood and overall wellness.


Our specially formulated premium Clear Skin Superfood Booster delivers skin wellness from the inside out.

Glowing Skin

Radiant skin needs Collagen and all essential skin health nutrients, and we deliver it in one convenient formula.

Immunity Strength

A strong immunity can lead to a better complexion. That’s why we have included Elderberry, Astragalus Root, Echinacea, Lemon Myrtle in our Superfood Booster.

Harmonising, cleansing & chi-promoting herbs

Inner cleansing is where skin wellness starts. With Maca, ginsengs, Ashwaganda, Dandelion, St Mary's Thistle and Lemon Balm your skin will be thanking you with every sip.

Alkalising greens

Alkalise from the inside with the benefits of Spirulina, Wheat Grass, Barley Grass, Alfalfa Grass, and Chlorella Powder.

Probiotics, prebiotics and Digestive Enzymes

Inner gut health is essential for everyday wellness and results in healthier, happier skin and our probiotics and prebiotics deliver just that.

Stress Relief
Stress weakens immunity and disrupts hormonal balance, negatively impacting on skin health. Our comprehensive formula eases stress and energises your body through the combination of Vitamins B, B5, D, probiotics, greens, antioxidants and harmonising herbs such as Ashwaganda.


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