SkinB5 cleared up my skin, will acne return if I stopped taking skinB5 supplements?

People who are prone to acne requires supplementation of certain nutrients, particularly Vitamin B5, to maintain healthy skin functions.  

What this means is that once the skinB5 Extra Strength Acne Control Vitamins formulation cleared up your skin, you will need to gradually reduce dosage over 2 months then continue to take a small dose of skinB5 (1-2 tablets a day) as part of your daily supplement to prevent breakouts.  

If you do not take any skinB5 (ie. supply your body with the nutrients it needs for skin health), after about 4-5 months breakouts may return. The return of breakouts is a result of your body running low on the clear skin nutrients contained in our formulation which your body needs to maintain clear healthy skin functions.

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