Why do I need to take a supplement like SkinB5 to treat acne, can't I just change to a clean healthy diet and lifestyle?

Quite often diet and lifestyle changes alone cannot treat congestion and breakouts. A healthy diet and balanced lifestyle certainly are important to help maintain clear skin – a healthy diet that provides plenty of antioxidants and good essential fats promote good skin health, and a balanced low stress lifestyle can help keep your hormones in harmony.

The best way to treat breakouts is to correct the root causes - internal body imbalances - by feeding your body with powerful clear skin nutrients, namely Vitamin Bs (particularly B5, B3, folic acid, biotin), Vitamin A, zinc, copper.  These nutrients helps your body cope and make sure that your skin functions are operating healthily.

Externally, it is important to use soothing, gentle, healing skincare products with high quality clear skin ingredients such as Vitamin B5, salicylic acid, aloe vera, green tea, bergamot oil and French green clay. SkinB5 natural acne treatment system is a powerful regime specifically formulated to control and stop acne from the inside and out.



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