Why are Acne Control Caplets PERFECT for acne sufferers?

Pimples can cause a lot of pain…be it physically, socially, financially, and emotionally.

SkinB5, an Australian anti-pimple brand is set to change this problem by developing Acne Control Caplets. Acne Control is ideal for teenagers and adult acne sufferers. Suitable for all skin types, each caplet contains powerful acne fighting vitamins, antioxidants, natural herbs and minerals that work from within to treat facial and body acne.

Now, no man or woman will ever need to worry about the recurrence of pimples in their lives.

Unlike other B5 formulations on the market, mostly overseas products, SkinB5 acne treatment is a listed Complementary Medicine and is regulated under strict TGA regulations (the Australian equivalent of the FDA). Whereas many other B5 acne products are essentially not regulated by government bodies. 

 The SkinB5 formulation is also superior because we apply a safe dose of Vitamin B5, supported by a unique combination of other powerful acne clearing nutrients to make sure that it clears acne effectively, while improving overall health and wellbeing.  SkinB5 formulations have been designed around efficacy, safety and balance, suitable for long term usage. We strongly believe that taking mega doses as advocated by many other brands are potentially very dangerous and simply not practical because the majority of the mega dose will be rejected by your body!


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