What is the difference between the Tablets and Caplets?

SkinB5 Extra Strength Tablets is the first step in our Acne Control System. We recommend that new SkinB5 users start with the Tablets (along with using our Cleanser, Moisturiser and Mask) to get their acne under control.

Start by taking Extra Strength Tablets first as a therapeutic dose (6 tablets a day as per the instructions on the bottle). Take the Tablets at the therapeutic dose for up to 6 months. Once your skin is cleared, gradually reduce the daily dose to 3-4 Tablets a day for 2 months, then switch over to the Caplets for maintenance. 

The Caplets have been designed for mild acne or maintenance of clear, acne-free skin after the Tablets have cleared the acne successfully.

The Caplets contain a lower daily dose of Vitamin B5 and have similar ingredients to the Tablets, with an addition of Vitex herb 15mg per caplet (which helps balance hormones that is linked to acne), and our Caplets formulation don’t have any Vitamin A (Vitamin A supplement is generally not recommended during pregnancy).

If you have hormonal acne (characterised by flare-ups around monthly cycles and breakouts mostly around the chin and jawline areas), you can take 1 Extra Strength Tablet + 1 Caplet, 3 times a day to help bring hormonal acne under control.  Note that Vitex herb takes 8-12 weeks to take effect, so be patient and stick with the recommended dosage for at least 3 months to see results.

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