What ingredients are in Acne Control Cleanser?

Acne Control Cleanser contains a powerful, yet gentle combination of natural ingredients and vitamins that help control and/or prevent acne. Below gives a brief explanation of each ingredient’s unique strength. 


Aloe Vera
Recent studies have shown that aloe vera facilitates the healing of wounds and damaged skin tissue.

Green Tea
Green tea has proved to be anti-bacterial.  Green tea's antioxidants have been shown to be highly beneficial in treating acne.

Vitamin B5
Helps control skin oil and will assist in soothing and purifying the skin.

1% Salicylic Acid
Helps remove dead skin cells that clog pores and cause pimples. It’s a very safe, effective ingredient for treating acne and oily skin.

Bergamot Oil
Bergamot has antibacterial and drying properties making it an ideal pimple treatment. It exudes a citrus aroma that has a calming effect on the mind, body and soul.

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