What SkinB5 products should I use for the best results, fastest?

SkinB5 is a powerful acne control product that is proven amongst majority of users to help effectively clear acne.  However, SkinB5 is not an overnight wonder - it is a proprietary nutritional specifically designed to clear acne effectively - therefore you will need to take SkinB5 diligently and correctly at the full treatment dose for at least 8-10 weeks.

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Using SkinB5 Tablets along with the SkinB5 Cleanser, Moisturiser and Mask produce optimal results because our products are designed to work together to fight acne inside and out. All our skincare products have Vitamin B5 and other skin healing ingredients to enhance acne clearing effects and speed up healing. Our products also do not contain any harsh chemicals, artificial fragrances nor other irritating ingredients like in other acne products which actually makes your skin worse.

The Extra Strength Tablets should be taken as Step 1, first to control and clear acne (together with the cleanser, moisturiser and mask to help calm down inflammation and heal the skin).

Continue this routine for 3-6 months until your acne is under control, then gradually reduce dosage over 2 months before lowering dosage to maintenance of clear skin and prevent breakouts.

To maintain clear skin, the SkinB5 Caplets can be used in place of the Extra Strength Tablets to prevent future breakouts and keep your skin clear and acne-free.

Be patient and diligent, dosage compliance does matter so make sure that you take the full treatment dose of 6 Extra Strength Tablets a day to start with to control and clear acne most effectively.

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