Is the amount of Zinc in the Caplets (30mg per day) too high?

The level of Zinc in our Acne Caplets (30 mg per day) is low and well within safe limits set by the Therapeutic Good Administration (TGA) (equivalent to FDA). The TGA sets very safe limits for vitamins and minerals and if they felt that the level of zinc was too high, the product would not be able to be sold.

Please also find following some upper limits stated in existing medical texts:

Signs of toxicity are: nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, fever and lethargy and have been observed after ingestion of 4–8 g zinc according to a 2002 WHO report. Single doses of 225–450 mg of zinc usually induce vomiting (King 2003).

Doses of zinc ranging from 100 to 150 mg/day (SkinB5 Tablets & Caplets have 30mg/day which is much lower) interfere with copper metabolism and cause hypocuprinaemia, red blood cell microcytosis and neutropenia if used long term. 

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Zinc is the least toxic trace mineral. Studies have confirmed that up to 10 times the RDA (150 mg) taken even over time was not toxic.

Doses this high are unnecessary and interfere with the assimilation of other trace minerals such as copper and iron.

The dosage of zinc in SkinB5 Caplets is high, however, it is well within the safe limits set by the TGA, and not toxic.

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