What can you recommend for body acne?

SkinB5's nutritional supplement for acne are designed to target the root causes of acne from WITHIN and clears acne all over the body.

The Extra Strength Tablets is Step 1 - a more potent control formulation to get your acne under control, so you will need to take the Tablets at the recommended dosage 2 tablets, 3 times a day until your active breakouts stopped (up to 6 months). Once your acne is cleared, you can gradually reduce dosage to 3-4 tablets a day for 2 months, then use the Caplets as part of your daily health and beauty routine to prevent acne from returning.

For optimum results, use together with the SkinB5 Cleansing Mousse, Moisturiser and Mask, all containing Vitamin B5 to enhance the acne clearing effects of our supplement products and speed up healing. 

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