Hi, I’m a teenage girl and have been fighting acne for around 2-3 years. I have started taking skinB5 extra strength tablets, I have about another weeks’ worth left in my bottle. I still have acne it has gone away in some areas except around my jaw line

It is good to hear that you are already seeing improvements from using skinB5. SkinB5's nutritional formulation works with your body correct internal issues that result in acne, therefore it takes time, and you have not finished the first bottle yet so it is still early days. 

For most people it needs at least 2-3 months consistently taking skinB5 at the recommended treatment dose to completely stop active breakouts.  Once your acne is cleared, you can gradually reduce dosage to 1-2 tablets a day, for maintenance and prevent acne from returning.

 Acne concentrated around the chin and jawline areas indicates hormonal acne. The Vitex herb in the Extra Strength Tablets formulation should provide extra support to harmonise your hormones. Note that Vitex herb takes about 3 months to start taking effects.

The silica in our formulations will help promote skin renewal, and over time, those red marks from acne should fade.

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