Other acne supplements use higher doses of Vitamin B5 than skinB5. Is this more effective?

Taking high doses (over 5g a day) of Vitamin B5 is not recommended and can cause side effects:

  • Risk of severe diarrhea
  • It is a very wasteful way to take B5 because B5 is water soluble and using powder would mean most of it just leave your body via urine before being absorbed
  • Take one vitamin B in megadose would drain out other Bs in your body and create an imbalance
  • Risk of hair loss

The skinB5 Acne Control Extra Strength Tablets are much safer and much more effective than other supplements! We combine Vitamin B5 with other carefully selected powerful vitamins and minerals that are clinically proven to clear acne and promote healthy skin - all ingredients in skinB5 work synergistically to target multiple root causes of acne (hormonal imbalance, overproduction of skin oil, stress, weak immunity). Our overall formulation is much more effective than just taking large amounts of Vitamin B5, and safer too.


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