I've started using Extra Strength Acne Control Vitamins and my acne has increased?

For some acne sufferers, at the beginning an acne regimen, their acne gets worse before it gets better.  This is not always the case but can be frustrating for those patients who do experience the initial acne flare. 

When we begin treating acne, there are already acne lesions developing in the skin.  Although skinB5's supplements stop the development of new acne, the treatments cannot always halt the emergence of pre-existing acne on the skin.

These pre-existing pimples may appear in the first 2 weeks - SkinB5 products could also speed up skin cell turnover bringing pre-existing acne to the surface (purging). These usually subside as you continue to take the skinB5  Extra Strength Acne Control Vitamins. So please be patient, your skin should start to clear up after 1-2 months of taking skinB5 at the recommended treatment dosage.


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